Provision Chiapas Decaf Beans 12oz

Provision Chiapas Decaf Beans 12oz

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We partnered with coffee importers, Osito Coffee, to source this wonderful decaf. We take great care and intentionality in our sourcing, so we were excited when we connected with Osito and found that our mission and values where very much aligned; this is our first year working with them. This lot is a blend of two different producers in Chiapas, Eleazar Rodas and Roman Garcia. Their farms are located near Amatenango de la Frontera, a town in the southern region of Chiapas bordering Guatemala. The coffee was washed and decaffeinated at Descamex in Veracruz with the Mountain Water Process (MWP). MWP uses water to extract the solubles in the unroasted coffee, removing the caffeine through specialized filters, and re-introduces the solubles back into the coffee preserving the flavors. This process is favored over traditional decaffeination processes which utilizes chemicals to remove the caffeine.


Eleazar Rodas and Roman Garcia

Chiapas, Mexico

Washed & Decaf (Mountain Water)

Typica & Bourbon

Tasting Notes:
Graham Cracker, Maple, Mango

Size: 12 oz