Provision Coffee: Prickly Pear Bean 12oz

Provision Coffee: Prickly Pear Bean 12oz

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Our signature espresso blend. We rotate our best seasonal coffees to produce a balanced chocolate & stone fruit profile that pairs well with milk or tastes delicious by itself. Great for people that prefer a darker roast but not too dark; our proprietary roast profile for our Prickly Pear Blend maximizes the caramelized sugars while retaining the unique terroir characteristics.

David Lopez, Occidente Co-op, Long Miles Coffee Project

Region (As of 4/17/20; changes seasonally):
40% Santa Barbara, Honduras
40% Nariño, Colombia
20% Kayanza, Burundi


Parainema, Caturra, Castillo, Bourbon

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Caramel, Black Cherry

Size: 12 oz